Friday, November 27, 2009

Thymikon - "Nipsis" (1996 Logistikon Records)

from Ballistic Test Zine:
"One of the latest trends to emerge in electronic music is the ambient/darkwave sound. By combining elements of ambient, techno, goth, and industrial music, darkwave bands like EnGrave, Caul, and Firmament have started drawing attention and have attracted fans from each of the aforementioned genres.
On Nipsis, Thymikon, which is really a pseudonym for Oklahoma native Beau Branson, serves up some high quality darkwave that should appeal to fans of all types of electronic music. The best tracks are the title track, with its haunting male and female Gregorian-like chants, and "Night", which features a processed rap that gives it a cyberpunk feel.
The other tracks on the album are mainly instrumentals. Some, like "Remorse (The Watchers)", "Demise", and "Midnight Impression", are midtempo numbers that feature dance beats over eerie ambient synths. Others, like "Aeturnus", and "Shimshon", are quiet, mysterious pieces that would go very well in a mystery or suspense movie. Another track, "Without 613", consists of an array of samples recorded over a programmed rhythm borrowed from the Prodigal Sons.
By recording such a diverse-sounding release that bridges so many genres, Thymikon has become one of the darkwave genre's most well-known bands. Nipsisis destined to become an indie classic.

--James McGinnis"

12 Steel 3

1 Nipsis 4:56
2 Remorse (The Watchers) 4:46
3 Without 613 4:10
4 Demise 5:04
5 Aeternus 4:18
6 Wi6th1ou3t 5:46
7 Shimshon 3:48
8 Demise 2 4:31
9 SOS #5 3:35
10 Night 3:46
11 Midnight Improvisation 3:28
12 Steel 3:43


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