Monday, November 23, 2009

Faith and Disease - "beneath these trees" (2000 Projekt)

faith and disease delivers yet again (as does the wonderful projekt records btw) on this 2000 release of female fronted acoustic-leaning darkwave.

this stuff works on so many levels, music for so many occasions ...can't really put my finger on it..something nice n magical about this chilled out dark forest ride.
i could(and should) have spent more time on a better  bit of yakkity on this band and this release, but i opted for getting it up fast and watching a hannah montana marathon instead.   clearly, my priorities are in proper order.

1 Beneath These Trees (Ombra Mai Fu) 1:10
2 Rubina Verde (All Things Must End) 7:30
3 If I Drink From This Cup (I'll Go Mad) 5:48 
4 Mayim - Water Is Flowing (Back To Life) 5:12 
5 To See Her In This Light (My Mentor) 3:10
6 This Part Of Fortune Lies (Formerly: Stray) 7:24
7 Eventually Again (Even To Ally) 5:01 
8 Shallow: Two Doors Down (And Down We Go) 4:37
9 Banks Of The Ohio (Trad. Murder Ballad) 4:43 
10 Born And Died On The 23rd (Your Brilliant Dental) 3:18


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