Monday, November 23, 2009

native son and the foundation - "life in the grave" (1992 ocean)

little known side project from mark salomon of the crucified fame, not to mention neon horse, stavesacre, outer circle, and tons of work with industrial artists the likes of argyle park, chatterbox, and mortal.
this is early 90's hip hop/rap with a healthy dose of funk injected.  it sounds kinda dated and i've always liked it a bit, but i can't help but wonder where this could have gone if mark had gone further with it and let it progress.
"native son" has always been my favorite track, for what are probably obvious reasons, but they all have a strange charm to them and are growing on me more now than when i first heard them 17 (gasp!) years ago.
enjoy this sorta weird turn:)

1&2 - a day in the life / native son  (i combined them when i ripped this as they always sounded great together as intended)
3. gone split second's time
4. the sound the family fou
5. equality
6. heirs to the crime
7. a.w.o.l. society
8. my thing (don't worry 'bout me)
9. people watchin'
10. life in the grave
11. message to a prodigal
12. lift your voice, brothers and sisters
13. day's end

the color of my thing ain't none of your business 
(no, seriously, that's a lyric from track 8:))

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