Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Treriksröset - "sexregler" (2002 hatband)

limited to 22 copies

1. sexregler (44:51)
Sexregler is solid release from noise artist Tommy Carlsson aka Treriksröset. The release is an exploration of dirty electronics in every sense of the word. The main sound source for this material, as Carlsson lays out in the linear notes, is his genitalia. For 46 minutes Carlsson explores the masturbatory nuances of crude sounds created from what I assume is a basic set-up of contact mics and effects pedals. All though the noise remains focused throughout, the limited sound palette does get tedious after awhile. I am glad Carlson decided to keep the length of his phallic inspired track just above LP length. 
review by ITZMEHALL (discogs.com)

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