Friday, November 20, 2009

Sword Heaven - "fan death" (2006 fuck it tapes)

loud, simplistic noisy rock which ends up sounding like 

old school heavy industrial madness.
feedback is their friend and distortion a constant companion. 

the beats are big and bad, the guitars are ominous & the 
vocals are low screams, all quiet effective.
its not all so hard on though, some tracks are filled 

with quieter moments....& no less interesting.

A1 Buried In Ohio
A2 Big Animals
A3 Ragged Overloard
A4 Jam
A5 We Of The Fucking Mountains
A6 We'll Sell
B1 Now Sir
B2 Chainsaws
B3 Dust Pheumonia Blues
B4 Shaved And Glued

i am the loop fairy, sniff sniff asplooh!

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