Friday, November 20, 2009

Internal Empty - "Je Ne Peux Pas Respirer" (2003 alOne productions)

limited edition of 20.

notes from cd insert:

tracks 1 & 6: created from the cd 'grey becomes black' by lackthrow
tracks 2-5: created from the cd 'female' by lackthrow
quiet to loud.. a slow march up the steps...that painting on the second floor is a lie, but it remains a powerful metaphor...all in this house are dead. i told you the truth.

1. build for me the end
2. she goes willingly
3. her name is written in blood
4. fettered with chains of memory
5. the crippling effects of experiencing the self
6. a wound to open the gates of hell

yes, i want to go wind diving. Take me.

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