Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fin - "fin" (1994 catorce index)

Packaged in a painted, heavy card box with various inserts, clippings and found objects. In mine the box was white and contained painted nails, OLD newspaper clippings, what looked to be drawings from a child, white box with brightly colored stickers, nice info insert, and some other jank.
EXCELLENT release. everything should come so well.

  1. Misconceptions Science Ego•Testicle Alliance. Bounce (2:44)
  2. Blackout Borsht (7:24)
  3. Zombify (8:20)
  4. Self-Administered Shock Therapy (2:03)
  5. Alien•Ization Performance>Anomalous 6•11•94 (32:54)
  6. Tread The Primordial Goo. Gasp Submerge (7:08)


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