Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SIGNALBLEED - "transmission astray" (1997 sbx selfrelease)

BOTH the cassette release and the cdr release came with HEAPS of really wonderful artwork, which are worth the price of admission alone. *yes i have both, quite gladly*
the tunes are pretty sweet too.
man, i love signalbleed:)

~from the SIGNALBLEED website: leftovers from UNSOUND compiled w/ new experimentation including a minimal rumblescape and some computer generated cut-and-paste. cassette includes special handmade packaging w/ silkscreened original prints.~

10-5 (relay) 5:48
10-30 (illegal use of radio) 10:17
10-97 (check signal) 8:04
10-32 (man with gun) 2:15
10-94 (drag racing) 3:08
10-43 (information) 1:43
10-62 (reply to message) 4:51
10-76 (en route) 12:59
10-12 (stand by) 1:33
10-54 (livestock on highway) 7:36
10-77 (ETA= 1 minute) 0:41
10-5 (relay) (original) 2:13



  1. Update the link please.. thanks

  2. I uploaded it to his bandcamp for him a few years back, for some reason he doesn't have it published at the moment.