Tuesday, May 22, 2012

situation taboo - "digitalis" (1997 flying tart records)

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old review from ballistic test zine (which i don't necessarily agree with, but here you go):
"Things start off really well with this CD - nice artwork, 12 songs listed. Unfortunately, a closer look at the titles reveals that I've heard three of these songs on previous releases. I pop it into the CD player where more bad news awaits me - it's only 33 minutes long. Let's not judge a book by its cover, though. The opener, "Fear" is a couple minutes of very cool, very dark, ambient material. From track 2 to 11, things fall into a more typical-sounding SitTab vibe. A great writer once described them as "like the Beastie Boys in outer space". Their songs range from laid-back electro-funk to hardcore industrial-rap. The final song, "Step", adds a nice twist with some interesting piano work. Unfortunately, there are only six real songs on this CD; the other six pieces being instrumental fillers. With the exception of "Fear", each consist mostly of looped percussion and/or synths accompanied by a load of samples. And while these are cool enough, I really would've preferred more new songs. If you're a Situation Taboo fan, get this. If you've never heard them before, but want to, this is a good overview. Otherwise, the low quantity of real material here is quite a strong knock against this.



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