Friday, May 18, 2012

autocreation - "mettle" (1994 Inter-Modo)

grabbed this from a record shop ages ago, not knowing what to expect.   what i got was a cd on heavy rotation for many years full o' strange minimal techno.
unfortunately it was put away and forgotten for the last several years....but i recently re-aquainted myself with it.

1. Dark Smile 8:42
2. Snatch 5:28
3. Sliver 6:21
4. Tomato Dawn 7:06
5. Justice Loop 8:16
6. Protoski 6:50
7. Exhale 3:29
8. Bone 7:40


  1. link is down, is there anyway to get a reup

  2. ikssa es mi proyecto ambient noise, soundscape. forma alguna de hacerte llegar y si te gusta los publicas, actualmente erradicado en la ciudad de mendoza.