Saturday, May 12, 2012

various artists - "The Accelerating World" (1996 pinch-a-loaf)

Packaged in a black box with 12 double-sided cardstock inserts with graphics and discographies for all artists. the cd itself looks awesome as well.

Limited to 550 copies.

i know this will sound a bit odd here, but i am so glad to have bought this waaay back when.
it was such a treat to get this and its packaging in the mail.  i would bet if i could have just downloaded it i might not even have listened to all of it and i surely wouldn't have the cool package.
  1. Richard Ramirez - Casualties Of Extreme Measures
  2. Lab Rat -Mating Rituals Of The Bespectacled
  3. Solid Eye -Ensign Fodder
  4. Crawl Unit-A Thing Of Beauty, Rising Phoenix-like (Excerpt)
  5. Bastard Noise-4 Keys To Atlantis
  6. Fin-Trumpetinsecticide - Parts 1 & 2 
  7. Nihil-World Of Ruin
  8. Speculum Fight - Pre-Parade 
  9. Blowhole-The Ludicrous Sandwich
  10. Spastic Colon-Defecography (Part 1) 
  11. Crib -40
  12. 12.- 35.  untitled
  13. 36. unknown artist -unknown bonus track (3:10)

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