Tuesday, May 8, 2012

rabid eye movement/quixo - "SPLIT" (noisetapes)

got sick of looking through old backup discs...so no artwork...cept this piece of crap.
can't remember the exact date of release..2001 i THINK, maybe earlier than that. somewhere close to that time period...
rabid eye movement later became morkermannen/maim/black pope.
quixo later became QUIXO :)
Fast harsh cut up noise
 fall in love all over again....

 1. rabid eye movement - a godless universe
2. crystalline torso
3. the rapid succession of days
4. trembling of the veil
5. tupperware holocaust
6. fused magnetic spine syndrome (REM remix)
 7. quixo - original name too long
8. you're cute when you smile
9. fuck you (i just called to say)
10. super radio noise wow
11. interruption
12. vomit covered candy hearts
13. bonus: r.e.m. a godless universe alt. version

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