Friday, May 25, 2012

rebro - "no one gets out of this trip "alive"" (1997)

review from Blatant Propaganda:

Rebro"No One Gets Out of this Trip Alive"
Lots of transient ambient sounds flicker in and out, occasional trip-hop and other beats, acoustic 'world music' percussion, acoustic and bass guitars. Mostly, these are sound-track kind of pieces. Soundtracks to anything you like I s'pose - your daily adventures? A professionally composed and produced album, by far the most polished set of music I've received on cassette for this issue.

The album (which is available on CD) is dedicated to Frank Zappa, Jello Biafra & Jim Morrison, though the music is all instrumental & unlike any that they have produced - to my knowledge. You can download sound samples from the below web-address.

Po box 160746 Miami FL 33116-0746 USA.


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