Friday, July 31, 2009

maim - "hairline fracture" (self released)

after RABID EYE MOVEMENT became MAIM....the first maim cd came about...and a pretty good introduction imho.
harsh noise concepty goody hoobity hoo
my poor record keeping and failing memory keeps me unsure of the release date of this thing, but it was 01/02 somewhere in there, i think. pretty darn hard to find now days so it seems.

i know people crave the maim and who knows where jonas has been for the last couple of years...his stuff isn't as easy to find as many would there's nothing quite like the first time...

1.fissure : the surface of reality
2.hairline fracture 1 : lesions on glass
3.hairline fracture 2 : separation of matter from time
4.cracks begin to appear : gaining momentum
5.breach : opening the mouth
6.shroud of maya : seeing
7.samadhi : silence

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