Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cataclyst - "Monuments Of A Rubicund Age" (1999 Yantra Atmospheres)

From Ritualistic Nature: "Cataclyst was a project of Peter Andersson (Raison D'Être etc), with Johanna Rosenqvist ( from Institute). The music combines the melancholic beauty of early Raison d'Être and Necrophorus, and the industrial rhythms of Institut and tribal ritual elements of another undeservedly forgotten project of Peter, Svasti-Ayanam. AMAZING Record that i advice you to hear."
1 The Gawds Are Still At Karnak I (3:43)2 The Verge Of Mortal Ground (5:21)3 Elwes In Sheeting Wind (4:29)4 Rubicund Age (3:49)5 Rubicund Cloister (3:26)6 The Serpent's Fang (2:16)7 The Gawds Are Still At Karnak II (3:40)8 Dwarfs In Hidden Realm (19:07)


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