Thursday, July 16, 2009

various artists - "BAITED BREATH" (1998 live bait recording foundation)

ltd. ed. set of 100 with 2 cassettes and lots of great dark ambient/noise/experimental/industrial/grime

A1BlackhouseCrust (7:20)
A2Obscene Noise KorporationMetal Chamber (4:49)
A3BaalAt The End Of Suffering (6:35)
A4HuskThe Conscious Dead (7:06)
A5Boss MonsterLife Support (3:16)
B1AzoikumTo A Master (Theodore Bundy) (7:34)
B2The Evolution Control CommitteeOn Hold (8:35)
B3Bad SectorEvents Horizon (7:30)
B4AnlageAcht (9:56)
B5BlackhouseCrust (Reprise) (7:22)
C1The Soil Bleeds BlackSome Sweet Sorrow Act II (The Lady Of The Lake) (3:17)
C2Murderous VisionAs Teeth Sink In (4:02)
C3PsychonautDreams Of Parfaxitas (6:32)
C4JinnseraphThe Crossing (7:11)
C5Profane GraceHaunted Tomb Of Vladisil (9:40)
C6GruntsplatterCorpse Lagoon (5:43)
C715 Delights Of DionysusFramework For Putrefacation (4:01)
D1MysterianThe Pale Halls Of Pluto (5:54)
D2ValeforEvocation Of Eshu Aiyede (6:12)
D3TriageOrganism (8:38)
D4In Death's ThroesThee Overturned Grave (Shades Our Lamp) (9:03)
D5Raven's BaneMorbid Consumation (5:43)
D6ProscriptorOur Blood And Veins From The McGovern Regiment (2:25)

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