Thursday, July 16, 2009

various artists - "BITMAPPING" (2003 objective/subjective)

EXCELLENT 2cd compilation!

variety, dirty and/or harsh electronics, variety, ambient, glitch and or new ways to look, variety, industrial-old and new, techno aberrations, found sound & experimental, variety and variety........

101MoonsantoMeanwhile... In The Laboratory (5:23)
102VitaminsforyouAsdf.Jas.Atp (4:55)
103Blue T-ShirtRise And Fall (5:31)
104GridlockPetrol (5:23)
105SparkLong Way In (5:13)
106!!aSQ!!*7Iran6 (3:42)
107Puff (3)Burrs In My Tail Piss Me Off (3:40)
108SkincageBabel On (7:48)
109SkincageZoog Law (3:09)
110R|A|A|NConcubi (6:53)
111Stone Glass SteelCompletion32 (6:23)
201Ah Cama-SotzThe Hidden Message (5:19)
202Herbst9The Tide (4:59)
203GruntsplatterScavenging Through Evolution (5:46)
204VedisniVril Silhouettes Thru Saturn (4:50)
205NarbenerdeVerfolgungswahn (7:38)
206LefthandeddecisionI Tried But I Failed (4:32)
207Navicon Torture TechnologiesMy Rage Is My Reason (5:29)
208AzoikumDeath To False Power Electronics (4:01)
209Survival UnitOnset Of Being And End To All (9:41)
210Navicon Torture TechnologiesThere Will Always Be Autumn (5:13)
211Cherry Point, TheThis Is What Love Is (3:28)
212Control (3)The Final Day (5:20)
213PropergolBeat / Mapping / Fighting (5:11)

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