Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vedisni - "architects & murderers" (2000 dragon flight recordings)

1 Fnord, As Gift (12:23)
2 Mercurious Apex - Blue Psyche (15:47)
3 Where Ouspensky Failed And Gurdjieff Fled (7:19)
4 A Sword Into A Cup, As Seven Insects Proclaim (14:14)
5 Driven East Like Anothers' Menace (16:31)

below is an excerpt from a review found on 'satan stole my teddybear reviews':
"There are slightly serene parts that might lull the listener into false sense of security, but blasts of distorted and harsh noise will jar the listener back into his unhappy place. The occasional voices remind me a tad of Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell's sinister rasp.

Essentially, Vedisni is the nightmare that Scorn, Lull, Controlled Bleeding and Bill Laswell never wished upon their worst enemies. "


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