Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bacillus - "pattern of human eradication" (1997 slaughter productions)

So...  there was this 6 x cass box on slaughter productions in 1997 featuring Iugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Atrax Morgue, Murder Corporation, Diktat, Discordance, Surgical Stainless Steel, Taint, Deathpile, Slogun, Skin Crime, and....

oh yeah...last but not least Bacillus. this 20 some minutes of material collectively known as 'pattern of human eradication' is what is being presented here.
dig on. blister blister

  1. Dying Slowly From Internal Decay
  2. Necrotic Expulsion
  3. Ultimate Outbreak, Panic Ensues
  4. Mutiny In The Body
  5. Get Set (For Earth's Retaliation)
  6. You Deserve Your Microbial Fate
  7. Escalating Diseased Body Count
  8. Ineffectual Quarantine Measures
  9. Blood Orifice Excretion
  10. Global Population Extinction

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