Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DCLXVI - "HARE" (200? Bivouac)

from bivouac:

"DCLXVI creates some of the most extreme noise we have featured on Bivouac. Watch your speaker levels and enjoy.

Description: "DCLXVI is a Montana based experimental/harsh noise/audio/visual project which began in 1998. The project began as a solo vocal only harsh noise project. Since then, DCLXVI has collaborated with many other artists and used many different sound sources to create a unique audio experience. In 2001 DCLXVI also began The Pi Project, which is a collaborative effort to somehow put the code for pi into an audio form using many different interpretations by many different artists. Past DCLXVI releases have included collaborations with Chicago based artist/filmmaker Kristie Alshaibi, photography artist Asya Schween, harsh noise artist Pop Culture Rape Victim and visual artist Fleeky Flanco to name a few. The DCLXVI project continues to expand and evolve providing a very unique and interesting audio and visual experience. Equipment: Reaktor Sound Forge Acid Fruity Loops "

Pictures And Videotape
Part III_ Hare
01-Part I - Sara
Part II_ Jeff
Back In The Same Place


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