Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MAIM / PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT - "split" (2006 iatrogenesis)

incredibly short & sweet c-10 (told you), limited to 100 copies.

the always incredible maim rips through "obersturmbahn frenzy" with some loud and active start stop jump rip cut noise harshness.
the impressive pedestrian deposit continues to play around with the successful juxtaposition of ambient loops and fast & dynamic harsh noise on "lurking behind doors", a fitting title.

great split as each artists track compliments the other without sounding the same.
each artist easily retains their own sounds...and what a brutal, awesome thing it is.
definitely buy up some stuff from both of these artists if you can find it! (which you should have no problem doing)

a: maim - obersturmbahn frenzy
b: pedestrian deposit - lurking behind doors

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