Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rackets & Drapes - "love letters from hell" (2003 selfreleased)

fourth and final (i think) Rackets and Drapes cd.   this sucker still has that rackets and drapes sound...but a very, very, very different one from the previous releases.  this isn't metal anymore, its some sort of synthy, gothy, dark electro thing.  i have to say, i'm glad that the album went this way...its a very refreshing change for the band.  still, its so different from the older material that its unfair to compare.

"i look like my father, i feel like my mother
i walk like my sister, i talk like my brother"

  1. shock therapy
  2. children of the damned
  3. redlite deadlite
  4. sex doll
  5. valentine
  6. retail slut
  7. halloween (bring out your dead)
  8. distortion
  9. she devil
  10. stiletto 13
  11. no place like hell

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