Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pain Jerk - "Cacophony Of A Thousand Pleasures"(1996 amp)

3xcassette release of 90's harsh noise from japan, but you all know what to expect of Pain Jerk right?
...from 1996 on pain jerk's very own AMP label.
comes in a nice little box (i still hate cassettes however, heh)

cass #1:

1 Waltz Back (17:32)
2 Tick Tack Tumor (5:35)
3 Anti-Treatment Front (19:59)

cass #2:

1 Disco Dance Macabre (18:55)
2 Animaterial (4:07)
3 EEG ECG (20:38)

cass #3:

1 A Wheel Track On Face (20:40)
2 Animaterial 2 (11:18)
3 Fight Back (10:21)



  1. Thanks so much for posting this! There is an unfortunate lack of Pain Jerk releases out there available for both purchase and on blogs/the internet.

    By any chance do you have "Gallon Gravy" and could post it?

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  3. Happy 2020! Any chance of reposting this one?

  4. I third in getting this reposted along with Fore-Skin and Psychowars