Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maim - "blood & breath" (business card cdr 200? SSR

painfully limited to 24 copies on SSR.
get it here, because you can't get it anywhere else.

from WORM GEAR Zine:

This is a Business Card CDR that comes in a sleeve with transparent artwork that has the information printed on it. There are three tracks here, starting with the title track. It is a caustic deluge of saturated heavy frequencies and rumbling low end with some intermittent biting hi's. It's only a little over a minute long, but has some nice shifts in it. "Axe Grinder" is next, also barely over a minute. Again the noise is dense and corrosive, and the track moves well combing the crushing low in with stabs of higher frequency and a nicely handled mix. "Scavenger Tools" closed the disc, again barely over a minute, it is a bit more reserved bringing the rumble to the forefront and surrounding that with some more ambient hums with the biting frequencies are spaced out a bit. This is nice stuff that is reminiscent of something from the Lefthandeddecision and Immaculate:Grotesque school of dense, abrasive noise that is harsh but controlled and crafted, while paying attention to atmosphere and dynamics. This isn't even 4 minutes long, but it feels longer because the tracks do evolve even though they are all quite brief. - Scott

1 Blood And Breath (1:15)
2 Axe Grinder (1:13)
3 Scavenger Tools (1:05)


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