Sunday, February 15, 2009

DISMAL XXVI (dj non)

dismal xxvi

Blood Axis & Les Joyaux de la Princesse - Poison Vert (D'après Frédéric Barbier)

Ulver - let the children go

Mortal - running to stand still

Angelo Badalamenti - the rose and the daydream

M.B. - manipulated parts

Atrium Carceri - memory lapse

Deadwood - '-'

Mental Destruction - when time is over (no time will be)

BrighterDeathNow - dachau (anthem)

Mz.412 - submit and obey

Goatvargr - goatlord rising

Atrium Carceri - identity theft

Dahlia's Tear - Hydrangea Wept In Emerald Lake

Sanctum - close behind

Parca Pace - minimalia

Death Hymen - theatre 1965

Encomiast - my chariot awaits?

Murderous Vision - the only answer

Vestigial - last extinction prayer

Terra Sancta - cold light infusion

Lustmord - benediction

Desiderii Marginis - this vale of tears

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