Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mental Destruction - "the intensity of darkness" (1992 Cold Meat Industry)

easily one of my fave bands of all time. can't wait for the follow up to their 1996 album 'straw', which they are working on now.
first cd release from Cold Meat Industry and limited to 2000 copies.
from ballistic test zine:

"... I do know that they have been sold out by the label and the band for a while now, making it an ultra-rare collector's item.
The attraction of MD can be explained by their adherence to being the embodiment of all that is industrial in the purest sense of the word. In a way, they are an old-school noise band, but that description fails to convey that the industrial noise that MD puts out consists of well-constructed, planned percussive blasts, rhythmic machinery, and heavily distorted, harsh vocals. It's like being inside the operations of a steel factory or a construction site where every noise you hear is deliberate rather than random."

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