Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aluminum Noise - "uninhabitable landscapes" (2000 renaissance recordings) + "sweet Leaf" (2003 PACrec)

the artwork and layout is actually pretty cool so, once again, forgive my crappy photo. better than nothing though right?
pretty spiffy tape too, but the artwork is worth mentioning.  seems
to be a very structured noise release...samples, instruments, ambience & noise of various flavours all working together quite well to make for an impressive whole.  This will come as no surprise perhaps, considering other works you might be familiar with by jason crumer and  nathan hobbs, respectively.  also included here is Aluminum Noise's cover of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf". Limited to 42 copies as a business card cdr from PACrec. this sucker was hard to buy even a couple of months after its release (like most PACrec releases). it is easily much more of a harsh noise piece than 'u.l.' really great shredder of a little track. please do enjoy.


side aluminum:

1. servitude or starvation
2. futureless dreams of our sterile lords
3. transmission of hatred veiled as love
4. counting lessons in purgatory 
5. bad blood

side noise:

6. 500 years beyond redemption
7. uninhabitable landscapes
8. uninhabitable landscapes (conclusion)
9. encore of flies

aluminum noise- sweet leaf (2003)

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