Monday, January 19, 2009

Avrigus - "the final wish" (warhead/repulse records 1998)


By: Jeb Branin

Another moody gothic band whose metal roots are obvious but not much utilized. The tunes on "The Final Wish" are slow and atmospheric. They meander along like a lonely waif wandering aimlessly through life. Longing, misery, desire, anger, regret, and hopelessness are all emotions examined in the lyrics and music. The soft female vocals are disturbing in their surrender of joy and haunting in their delivery. Imagery of feudal history is used to add to the emotional effectiveness of the album. The 'dark ages' are iconically endowed with certain thoughts that make them a seemingly miserable time in human history.

1 The Final Wish (7:01)
2 As Ivy Groweth Green (8:13)
3 Desolate (3:36)
4 Flesh (5:49) 

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