Tuesday, January 13, 2009


DJ NON presents:

dismal XXIV

ondo - second (mahavishnu) (remix)
emit - Exhaling Life, Channelling Death
lackthrow - one week later (fear is thieving)
archoni satani - sanctified pins or needles
arcana - the hurt heals slowly
entrata aperta - final oasis of wheezing (remix)
machine saw - acolyte
lustmord - disintegration
megaptera - more disturbance
frolic - breathing in my soul (remix)
ordo rosarious equilibrio - love conquers all
rome - der brandtaucher
rome - ver goetter der stadt
caul - theme 1
caul - theme 5
abnocto - arcane knowledge
murderous vision - journey onward
cradle->grave - you are of the broadest skies (remix)
a hymn for her - three coats of silver on the eyelids (dismal remix)
new risen throne - aporrheton
atrium carceri - a new silence
desiderii marginis - hallmark (remix)

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