Monday, January 19, 2009

Torture Chamber / Gruntsplatter - "Bisect" (1995 crionic mind)

no cover image available so here...look at these skulls.

Limited to 100 copies.
Torture Chamber side recorded live at Mercury Cafe, Denver, May 25, 1995. (and all four tracks are presented as one mp3 in the download)
Gruntsplatter side recorded at 4 Track Mind Studios, Spring 1995.
Mastered at Time Capsule Studios, Denver.

A1 Torture Chamber Power For Power
A2 Torture Chamber Reacting To Flames
A3 Torture Chamber We Are The Dead
A4 Torture Chamber Torture Chamber

B1 Gruntsplatter 14FI
B2 Gruntsplatter Beneath The Landfill
B3 Gruntsplatter Jeffrey
B4 Gruntsplatter Tumult
B5 Gruntsplatter Insemination
B6 Gruntsplatter Deflowerment
B7 Gruntsplatter Only
B8 Gruntsplatter Biological Stain

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