Saturday, January 10, 2009

Theo Goodman/Jay T. Yamamoto split (1998 churn tapes)

this is a fun split...its nice that each act sounds different from one another. jay t. yamamoto does some interesting experimental songs. some of it has that 'toy' sound while others are lo-fi, jazzy sounding stuff, ambient, junk, and power electronic flavoured noise. you can definitely hear the asian influence as well. fun listen as there's so much variety here....and that's just side A.
theo goodman does old school analogue harsh noise with breaks and 'pretty' ambient touches in a couple of places.

i should have ripped and cut this long ago. so much easier to listen to...

a1. jay t. yamamoto - the outre limits
a2. jay t. yamamoto - ibecomei
a3. jay t. yamamoto - humidity 89.9
a4. jay t. yamamoto - ambience for dream sleep
a5. jay t. yamamoto - ambience for disturbed sleep
a6. jay t. yamamoto - dro mod's insane vacation
a7. jay t. yamamoto - destructive tapedeck
a8. jay t. yamamoto - iculil iculil iculil
a9. jay t. yamamoto - the haunted turntable
b1. theo goodman - the vacuum of god part 1
b2. theo goodman - the vacuum of god part 2

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