Monday, January 5, 2009

Murderous Vision - "...loathe" (1997 live bait recording foundation)

one of the earliest Murderous Vision releases, "...loathe" sounds quite different from what has come since. good stuff and an interesting listen.   since this cd has been deleted from the official catalogue, this might be a good chance to get a listen to it if you didn't the first time around some 11 years ago. luckily this was a cd and not one of those old cd-rs with sticker labels, but rather a pro job. there have been other things recently i've wanted to post but couldn't rip because of the damage caused by the media and labels, which is a really bitter pill when the stuff is more rare than one can imagine. boo hooey....  but that has nothing to do with this release so..... enjoy. 

1 Intro (1:29)
2 Loathe (4:48)
3 Darkened Clouds (Descension) (3:20)
4 Vein (6:46)
5 Cesspools Ov Thee Underworld (5:21)
6 Skin (6:08)
7 Beloved (8:21)
8 The Forever Sleep (4:50)
9 Numb (5:46)
10 End (10:43)
11 Still Waiting (10:15)

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