Sunday, January 11, 2009


*DJ NON presents DISMAL XXIII, mixed and remixed.  Yet another hour of the dark ambient, gothic, industrial, chill of dismal.*

a hymn for her - intro dismal 23
diamanda galas - exeloyme
beequeen - remind me of you
starfrost - the outer darkness
kava - winter in summer
destrum - this impending night
anaphylaxis - a brief respite
EnGrave - intercession
anaphylaxis - venus, twice removed
EnGrave - visions of martyrs
porteur de l'image - implosion
penitent - transfiguration
rune's order - winter night (reprise)
rune's order - slow death
wilt - amidst a spacious fabric 6
Caul & Kirchenkampf - darkness and water
vidna obmana - torch of remembrance
starfrost/anaphylaxis - the outer darkness, whispering
northaunt - and i fade away
vestigial - celebrating the new sun
pholde - the sum of the factors controlling the presence


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