Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anaphylaxis - "Component" (1999 anaphylactic shock recordings)

talk about a heavy package...
pardon me if the pics of the special package look a bit see, it was quite hard to get into and these scans were taken after they'd been gotten into to get to the disc and then attempted to be put back together...
i think you get the idea...

from the anaphylaxis website

liner notes:
component was the first full-length anaphylaxis album released on cd. It is actually a compilation of tracks from a tape release of the same title and some other recordings that had not been released at the time.
The first pressing of the cd was 20 copies. 10 copies were in fairly elaborate packaging made with lengths of stripped wire, computer fan covers, and bubble wrap. The cd was released in 1999.
After the initial 20 copies were all sold or traded off, I decided to release the album through's DAM cd program. However, due to some various difficulties with and restrictions set by, a few tracks had to be left off the cd. Additionally, there were inexplicable problems with the artwork, and the DAM cd version was ultimately released with completely different cover artwork and a very different track listing. One of the tracks that was placed on the DAM cd, a track called "slither," is the only track (as of this writing) that has been mastered to cd from my last tape-only release, which was called "digital."
This will be the last time component is reissued. I hope you enjoy it for what it is. That being very, very primitive. Some of my friends seem to like it well enough, however, so here you go. Just keep in mind: it gets much better from here on out.
-Jason Coffman, January 2003

"Just keep in mind: it gets much better from here on out."
and mr. coffman wasn't lying....

1 Dominus Jesus (2:52)
2 Lava (2:29)
3 Stereo (2:16)
4 Promised Land... (3:27)
5 Furnace (A Well Oiled Machine) (3:26)
6 Isolationist Dream Sequence (3:47)
7 Empath 1: Static (8:25)
8 Clockwork Forest (4:29)
9 Shock (2:04)
10 Cavernous (5:05)
11 Channel 13 (Final Dub) (5:22)
12 Focus (0:43)
13 Magical Realism (8:18)
14 Elnora / Years From Now (5:32)
15 Angelic (1:23)
16 hidden track

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