Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kiyoshi Mizutani + Daniel Menche - "Song Of Jike" (2004 Niko recordings)

"The second chapter in this gorgeous kinship between Mizutani and Menche is articulated in three different versions of their common vision. The quiet ambience of a country village characterizes the first part; Mizutani’s field recordings - water, birds, people chatting and working - alternate with the appearance of long darkish sounds created by Menche through instruments and an "antique phonograph player", in an enchanting alignment of musique concrete and mystery. The second section is a more intense disposition of treated voices (both animal and human) and monstrous rumbles and hisses, gaining momentum minute by minute without hastening the respiratory functions of our perceptive systems. Mizutani's bucolic soundscapes return in the final segment, bringing back limpid weather and acoustic linearity just slightly disturbed by additional reworking of source material. Two precious men ploughing our gradual detachment from cheap obsessions, two fantastic sonic visionaries unjustly neglected."

Song Of Jike 1: Kiyoshi Mizutani Mix (21:04)

Song Of Jike 2: Daniel Menche Mix (19:56)

Song Of Jike 3: Kiyoshi Mizutani Mix (10:29)

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