Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Panzar - "human degeneration" (2003 Ewers Tonkunst/ Indiestate Distribution)

another project of peter andersson (necrophorous, raison d'etre, stratvm terror,etc.)
if you're familiar with any of his other work you already know that no matter what style he works in, its always good stuff. if you dig old school industrial in the vein of brighter death now, or mental destruction, or Andersson's 'noisier' bands, you'll probably dig this album a lot.
i haven't listened to this cd in probably 5 years...now that i am re-listening to it i have to wonder why it hasn't been in regular rotation. great stuff.

1 Disorder (8:58)
2 Sensor (6:40)
3 Pulse Induction (4:40)
4 Cancer (7:47)
5 Turmoil (4:06)
6 Raum D-T (5:41)
7 Todeskampf (3:55)
8 Scanner (10:36)
9 Inertia (4:50)
10 Tensor (4:15)

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