Sunday, August 2, 2009

Circuit Wound - "The Gathering of Rust" (2004 harshnoise)

i was holding off on posting this because i thought it was still available from harshnoise directly, at their typically pretty good prices......
apparently it has been deleted from the harshnoise catalogue and is now out of print. sooooo....
here are the original 6 tracks (as opposed to the 9 on the mistreated series version), great cd of dynamic harsh noise.
be sure to check out the 'mistreated' version as well, which came out around a year later(also on this blog).
*comments on the 2 versions VERY welcome!*
i just got a new scanner(thanks george!), so i'll post some good versions of the artwork in the next couple of days.

1 Concrete Circuits (8:13)
2 Vanish Into The Multitudes (11:20)
3 Epidemic / Anti-body (7:51)
4 Burning Sky Disease (2:24)
5 Inanimate Ocean (14:16)
6 The Gathering Of Rust And Decay (11:58)

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