Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Magwheels - "Evebuildingbomb" (2002 Ad Noiseam)


review from PREMONITION.ORG:

"After release of two CD-Rs by labels Sacred Sound Noise and Mechanoise in 2001, David Sullivan definitely deserved a little closer inspection. For who could have guessed, without listening carefully, that most of the sounds (though processed through a computer) in his music actually come from a guitar? Neither a "guitar" nor an electronic album, "Evebuildingbomb" is a little a bit of both, though it may sound hard to believe. With this record, Magwheels can easily satisfy the expectations of several types of publics: the adventurous amateurs of the label Constellation should give these dizzy sets of chords a try, because even if the intensity primes on the virtuosity, the sound sceneries of this music sometimes echo the world of the Canadian label. As for the disciples of more clashing electronic experimentations, they'll here find the dark and buzzing ambiences they appreciate, like on Evebuildingbomb or Live Underneath Lonely Mountain. The album's end, more than ever apocalyptic, even evokes in The Pace Is Threatening to Kill Me, the roaring sound of planes flying around in the sky... Though a convinced pacifist, David Sullivan perfectly describes here the warlike atmosphere of what sounds like an imminent bombing attack. So much so that the powerful rise suggested here becomes frightening. A rather unconventional method for a definitely unclassifiable record.

Carole Jay"

1 Discreet Charm (4:34)
2 For The Sunrise (4:32)
3 Two Sleep Till Three (2:07)
4 Harmfull Moon (6:06)
5 Eve Building Bomb (13:54)
6 Lightning Fist (7:28)
7 According To Birds (3:55)
8 Live Underneath Lonely Mountain (3:36)
9 The Pace Is Threatening To Kill Me (12:41)

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