Saturday, August 1, 2009

DISMAL XXXIV (august 2009)

DISMAL XXXIV (heavy bleeder)

1.underworld -to heal

2.of the wand and the moon - midnight garden tape for a blue girl - with my sorrows

4.ordo rosarius equilibrio - Too Late for Innocence, Too Late for Regret (Four Hands Please Better than Two)

5.wardruna - thurs

6.mournful congregation - (elemental)empirical choirs

7.sewer goddess - back alley vengeance

8.vidna obmana - night blooming

9.taphephobia - this house has many hearts

10.mondblut - Procession (Version)

11.tricky - a song for yukiko

12.miss blackchurch - Coph Nia's "the oath" (ceral mix)

13.seventh angel - OSWIECIM (hidden remix)

14.o. majestic winter - like an owl among the ruins

15.lackthrow - dubious (first take)

16.century sleeper - fainted world (remix)

17.internal empty - AS: holy word

18.folkstorm - beendigung unfaded

19.mental destruction - metamorphoses (in layers)

20.believer - stoned (extended intro) sacrifice - overkill exposure (rough mix) sacrifice - black seeds (remix)

23.saint - destroyers of the world

24,saint - the rock

25.s. isabella - trace of saint

26.survival unit - running on emptiness

62 minute continuous mix

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