Thursday, April 23, 2009

Betrayal - "The Passing" (1993 Wonderland)

this is the second album by Betrayal, far superiour to the first in my opinion.
the music jumps around a bit more here than on the first (which is a good thing) as do the vocal styles used (a very good thing).
the vocalists from both Precious Death and Deliverance contribute on a few tracks.
1. Renouncement
2. The usurper
3. Carnival of Madness
4. Ichabod
5. Fores of Horrors
6. Race of Hypocrisy
7. As i Turned Away (feat chris scott & jimmy brown)
8. Whispers of Chaos
9. Strength of the Innocent
10. Retaliation Strike (feat. jimmy brown)
11. Frantic


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