Saturday, April 18, 2009

Various Artists - "Lethal Injection" (1998 flaming fish music)

One of the many compilations issued by flaming fish and its side/sub labels.
this one is rock solid...hard to find fault with this one, if you're a fan of the genres represented.
A large number of these tracks are exclusive to this compliation, which is a nice treat.

1 LEVEL(lvl) -What If? (4:21)

2 A Different Kind Of Cop -Crucial Light (4:58)

3 Audio Paradox -Transgression (5:36)

4 The Way Sect Bloom -Breathless (5:26)

5 Tempestuous All -Burning Bridges (3:38)

6 Pivot Clowj -So Gullible (vII.I) (5:34)

7 Cult Of Jester -Funkatron (3:49)

8 Lotus:07 -Shanti (Do Not Look Long Bootstomp Sect) (6:18)

9 Cybershadow -All You've Ever Wanted (4:35)

10 Human Knot Farm -Full Pleased Society (5:46)

11 globalwavesystem -Wheel (4:17)

12 Autovoice -Non-Expressive (5:41)

13 Cradle->Grave -My Life Is My Infinity (4:49)



  1. yessss thank you sooooooo much! i lost my cd a while back when i moved halfway across the country (i only really want the level track off of here) but ive been searching for months to find where i can get that song again!!!!!! fuck yes!