Friday, April 10, 2009

DISMAL I (first episode 2007)

dj non presents:
dismal, episode I (alOne productions 2007)
1.mental destruction-come armageddon remix
2.mental destruction-xxx (remix) death's throes-in celebration ov elemental blessings
4.atrium carceri-memory leak
5.coph nia-the veil (xiphoid dementia remix)
6.a hymn for her-funereal gasp (demo)
7.rome-hope dies painless
8.chaos as shelter- glass watchers
9.ordo equilibrio-sic transit gloria mundi... in extremis
10.david lynch-woods variation
11.angelo badalamenti-dark mood woods/red room
12.atrium carceri-dark water
13.acclimate-MAGO remix
14.seraphic torpor-concrete forest

since i'm sure you can't find this anymore as its kinda old for what it is i figured to start going backwards and put some of the first episodes of dismal up here.
they might even be better (up for debate)


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