Friday, April 24, 2009

various artists - "NOIZE volume 1" (1994 this prophecy/tooth&nail)

i was quite lucky to come by a copy of this. it is unbelievably rare.
it was stupid hard to find shortly after it was released.
came in a heavy cardboard printed sleeve with a gold and black spraypainted cd.
some of these tracks are exclusive to this compilation, others are alternate mixes or tracks currently unavailable.
a strange mix of artists from various labels and genres, but overall its pretty gravy.

01 Starflyer 59- The Dungeon (3:51)
02 Plankeye- Free Me (4:09)
03 Joy Electric- The Girl from Rosewood Lane (The Original Mix) (3:10)
04 Morella's Forest- Oceana (5:45)
05 Chatterbox- Epignosis (w/mark saloman) (5:30)
06 The Blamed- Help Yourself (1:36)
07 Wish for Eden- Ocean (3:17)
08 Sometime Sunday- Lie (3:18)
09 The Crucified- A Guy in the Suit and the Pope (1:42)
10 Focused- Perfect Will (2:52)
11 Unashamed- I Surrender (3:26)
12 Blenderhead- Soap Box (3:23)
13 Glen Rowlans- Everything Is O.K. (3:58)
14 Wicked's End/StoneFace- Thrashing Pilgrims (3:22)
15 E.D.L.(everydaylife)- The Couch (5:40)
16 Red Timber- Lemonade (3:49)
17 The Throes- Stunned (4:57)
18 Deer- Far Away (5:24)
19 Starflyer 59- She Was My Sweetheart (3:58)


  1. i heard that there was also a volume two. do you have any info on it?

  2. this might be the first i'm hearing about a volume 2. sorry, though i'm curious now...might have to look into it. thanks.

  3. Dead link, can someone reup? Or Dropbox it?

    1. a mess of years later, but yes...this will happen within the week.