Thursday, April 23, 2009

Separation/Hal McGee/EHI - "homemade alien music, volume 1" (1997 fdr tapes/haltapes/corprolith)

i had completely forgotten that i had this cd until i was recently digging through drawers of cds for something else entirely and i remembered how much i really liked it.

here's a review from the Kettle Black zine:

"E.H.I., Hal McGee & Separation - Homemade Alien Music This three way split starts out with E.H.I. supplying 5 mesmerizing tracks. The Mouth of the River layers random “whistles” over a hypnotic bed of quick pulses. Meanwhile, Birthday Illusion is a sonic assault which distorts and manipulates what sounds like a montage of shouting samples creating a very “violent sound.” There’s something going on back there, I just think it’s going to take me a while to figure out what it is exactly. Hal McGee follows with 4 tracks, my favorite being Device of Unknown Origin. Swirling crystal keys surround a frantic “high key” piano piece while a mid ranged pluck lays down the somber melody. Unlike Device, the remaining 3 contributions from Hal rely more on distortion and static. Although the basic foundations are shared, each track contains many other qualities, such as the repition of Compression and random beeps and pitch bends of Visitation, creating very distinct identities. The disc ends with the 25+ minute Seeded by Separation. Three or four constant tones at various pitches drone through the first half changing so gradually it’s 5 minutes into the song and I realize it sounds completely different from how it starts. At one point the song sounds like a synthetic stream. The middle mellows way down to very sparce, barely audible, soft tones. By the 20 minute mark the tones have risen and become more tense and piercing, remaining that way for pretty much the remainder of the track. The disc as a whole is a cool abstract picture painted with sound. (EHI, FDR Tapes, 1258 E 25th St, Des Moines, IA 50317-2619 USA : Hal McGee, HalTapes, 1909 SW 42 Way Apt E, Gainesville, FL 32607-5407 USA : Separation, Corpolith, PO Box 1041, Buffalo, NY 14215 USA) (J Mundok)"

tracks 1-5 by EHI
tracks 6-9 by Hal McGee
track 10 by Separation eating man
2.the mouth of the river
4.poisoned souls
5.birthday illusion

6.abduction scenario
7.device of unknown origin



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