Sunday, April 26, 2009

Extol - "Mesmerized ep" (1999 EndTime productions) + "Paralysis ep" (2001 EndTime productions) + "EMBRACED demo" (1997)

having been a big fan of Extol's death(first recordings) and black metal work in the 90's i was additionally thrilled to see the inclusion on this ep of remixes by a couple of my other favorite artists from very different genres. The juxtaposition came off very well.
of course, as expected, many fans found no use for (aside perhaps for a cause of frustration or annoyance) the industrial and ambient remixes, yet they remain the highlight here for me.

my copy came packaged in a sweet glossy digipak. limited edition .

1 Enthralled (3:58)
2 The Prodigal Son (6:05)
3 Storms Of Disillusions (5:11)
4 Burial (Sanctum Remix) (8:30)
5 Renhetens Elv (Sanctum Remix) (4:24)
6 Work Of Art (Raison d'Etre Remix) (6:30)

this ep was damn near impossible to find in the states. a highlight here might be the inclusion of the cover of believer's 1989 song "shadow of death".
1 Paralysis (1:53)
2 Your Beauty Divine (5:05)
3 Shadow Of Death (3:39)
4 Human Frailtie's Grave (4:31)

1. embraced
2.the prodigal son

*bonus - "dilemma inconceivable" from the compilation "in the eyes of death volume four"

(89mb total)

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