Friday, April 24, 2009

Various Artists - "Helpless Amongst Friends" (1994 tooth & nail)

fantastic hardcore, punk and post-hardcore compilation cd.
clay, mr. bishop's fist, crawlspace(later everdown), the blamed, n.i.v., and several other bands here lay down some really great unforgettable tracks. its definitely harder to find the weak songs here as opposed to the solid ones, which is often the case with compilations.
the 12 panel artwork in the cd contained many beautiful paintings that i wish i had hanging on my walls, its unfortunate that i can't find hi res images of them on the web.

1 Bloodshed- So-Called (3:18)
2 Focused- Reign Forever (7:46)
3 Mend - Token (4:12)
4 Mr. Bishop's Fist- You're Stolen (5:46)
5 Clay - Maggots (4:04)
6 Crawlspace(everdown)- Stench (4:27)
7 Time & Again- Satan (3:08)
8 The Blamed- For You (5:01)
9 Blenderhead- Cesspool (3:35)
10 No Innocent Victim- Won't Back Down (1:43)
11 Unashamed- Say It To My Face (3:43)
12 Centerpoint- United We Stand (3:04)
13 Never Alone- Lost (1:50)
14 Strongarm- Count The Cost (3:40)
15 P.O.D.- Coming Back (3:50)
16 Outnumbered- Truth (5:48)



  1. I have tried to look everywhere for the band Outnumbered on that compilation.

    That was probably the best hardcore song I have ever heard and actually got me into that style of music.

    Please help if anyone can find out what is up with those guys,,,,,did they change band names , did they ever put out any CDs.

    Please help.
    It has been so frustrating when you here something so badass and then don't know what the hell happened to them.


  2. i would definitely say the same of mr. bishop's fist. heard 'em on a couple of comp. albums but can't find (then or now) a damn bit more. shame, that.

  3. Mr. Bishop's Fist was made up of guys who later formed Roadside Monument, Warlord, and Unwed Sailor. I've only heard the song on this comp and the one on that Demo-Lition comp. I love that Outnumbered song and I've tried to find their stuff too with no luck.

  4. I found this on a message board ---
    Hey guys,
    I was in Mr Bishops Fist. We recorded a 3-song demo and a 4-track home made 10 song demo (that was no better than a boom box recording!). We were in negotiations with Tooth & Nail for almost a year but it all fell apart. We trusted our manager that we should hold out for the best deal ever but I guess if you wait too long you just never get anything done...
    I ended up doing 2 records for Tooth & Nail later as Warlord.

    If anyone wants the 3 song version just email me at

    Just remove the X's to magically reveal my actual email address!