Thursday, April 23, 2009

Betrayal - "renaissance by death" (1991 Wonderland)

odd thrash metal from 1991 with a strange off-kilter vocal style.
i've included a rip of an industrial remix of one of these songs which came out on a cassingle (remember those) in 90 or 91.

1. Renaissance by Death
2. The Invitation
3. Fallen Deceived
4. More Faith Than Me
5. Escape the Alter
6. Assassins in the Midst
7. Mortal Flesh
8. Stroll Thru a Wicked Age
9. Prophets of Baal
10. Plead the Blood
11.(BONUS) fallen decieved industrial remix



  1. one of those albums i regret getting rid of.

  2. I had that cassingle at one time! Wish that I didn't give it away. Didn't it have an unreleased song on it? Fear Be Gone, I think? Any chance we could get that song also?

  3. yeah, it had 2 songs and an interview with marcus colon. for some reason i thought fear begone was already on the cd. ridiculous oversight of mine!. i will definitely have to repost at some point.