Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bon Voyage - "bon voyage" (1998 BEC recordings)

this is ALMOST a starflyer 59
release as all of the songs were written by jason martin, who also played on the album. The vocals on the album were performed by his wife, julie, which adds a whole new dimension to things. if you like starflyer of any era, this should sound pretty sweet to your ears.
once again, this is a short one, a little too short if you ask me.

CD insert is somewhat unique. The front cover has two horizontal flaps folding at the top and bottom which envelope three loose insert cards containing photos and lyrics.

1 Honeymoon (3:23)
2 Kiss My Lips (5:02)
3 West Coast Friendship (3:46)
4 Why Can't You Be (2:50)
5 You're Wonderful (4:05)
6 You Got It, I Want It (2:38)
7 I Just Wanna (Be With You) (2:50)
8 We Know How You Feel (3:13)
9 Together (1:28)
10 No Paradise (3:15)


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