Friday, April 10, 2009

DISMAL II (2007)

yeah..time travel..something i know alot about.
anyway. here's

DISMAL, episode II

mental destruction-x (remix of der blutharsch material)
numina & tara vanflower-pearl
jocelyn montgomery & david lynch-viridissima
tara vanflower-lilytiger and tigerlily remix
a hymn for her-the harrowed queen
vidna obmana-act III:reflection on scale IV
she satellites(nic endo)-black cyclone
raison d'etre-metamorphyses phase VI
xiphoid dementia-american tradition (remix of anaphylaxis work)
internal empty-a.l.w.s.p.m.
aube & bleiburg-soshite sorekara
scrawn-chinese kitchen drone


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